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Nine ways to make the most of Tokyo 2020 in Shizuoka.

Shizuoka Prefecture, where the cycling events will be held at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, is located approximately one hour from Tokyo by Shinkansen and is well known for being located at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
To pique your interest in the various cycling events, we will start by sharing some of this sport’s unique attractions and highlights for spectators while providing recommendations for areas close to the event venues.


The venue for cycling track events : Izu Velodrome

Provided by Hideaki Takagi

The venue for cycling road events: Fuji International Speedway

1. The beautiful wooden bank at Izu Velodrome

Provided by Hideaki Takagi

Izu Velodrome, in Shuzenji on the Izu Peninsula, is the venue for cycling track events. The beautiful, natural Siberian pine bank here unlocks faster speeds, and the rush of wind and sound as the athletes give it their all is incredible. You can experience a race venue here unlike any other and feel like you’re racing alongside the athletes.

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2. Cycling track races display just how fast humans can propel themselves with their own power

Provided by Hideaki Takagi

The top speeds achieved in cycling track events are in the range of 70 km/hr. These competitions unleash humans’ ultimate potential for speed. As the cyclists hurtle around corners at astonishing speeds on bicycles not so different from those often seen in daily life, notice their sculpted, muscular bodies (especially their thighs!!) too!

3. Does the Izu MTB Course look like a Japanese garden?

The Izu MTB Course, the venue for the Olympic MTB Cross-Country event, evokes thoughts of Japanese temple gardens with its carefully positioned stones while offering scenic views reminiscent of the Izu Peninsula’s renowned terraced rice fields. Please take notice of not only the race itself but also the course design.

4. All eyes will be on the steep slopes of Myojin Pass and Mikuni Pass during the men’s road race!

The climax of the approximately 244 km men’s road race course appears just after the 200 km point – Myojin Pass and Mikuni Pass with a maximum gradient of 20%. Also called “the steep slope” and even “the ego swell” by the competitors, you’ll want to keep an eye out for riders struggling up these formidable slopes with Mt. Fuji in the background.

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5. Look out for the upcoming events where you can cycle on the Fuji International Speedway!

Shizuoka Prefecture plans on hosting a “Challenge Ride” event with cycling permitted in areas normally reserved for motor vehicles as one part of the cycling road race course. This is also your chance to cycle through Fuji International Speedway as well as Minami-Fuji Evergreen Line with the course’s highest elevation!

6. Sacred ground for cycling enthusiasts! What are Fuji Ichi and Izu Ichi?

Provided by E-Spo

Every cyclist’s dream course can be found here in Shizuoka Prefecture. Two of these, the 120km Mt. Fuji course “Fuji Ichi” and the “Izu Ichi” course around the Izu Peninsula are particularly popular. Known for countless scenic views and undulating landscapes, here you can experience all the remarkable nature Shizuoka has to offer!

7. The setting for Yasunari Kawabata’s short story, “The Dancing Girl of Izu,” a Japanese literary masterpiece.

Shuzenji, where the Izu Velodrome and Izu MTB Course are located, was also the setting for Yasunari Kawabata’s short story, “The Dancing Girl of Izu.” Aside from the hot springs enjoyed here since ancient times, we also recommend the “Odoriko Walking Path.” The nearby Joren Falls is another famous site that is even mentioned in the well-known Japanese song “Amagigoe” (“Walk Over Amagi Pass”).

8. Famous Mt. Fuji views in Izu are here!

There are great views of Mt. Fuji near the Izu Velodrome! And out of all these, the view of Mt. Fuji from across Suruga Bay offered by the Darumayama Kogen Rest House is a must-see. Dining and souvenir shopping are also available here, so please make sure to pay a visit.

9. Try capturing the view of Mt. Fuji and the race circuit together in a photograph!

Fuji International Speedway, the venue for road race events and the individual time trial, features one of Japan’s most famous circuits located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. If you were lucky enough to get tickets, make sure to try taking a photograph of Mt. Fuji and the circuit together.